the menu

How your cakes tastes is as important as how it looks, all my bakes have four layers of delicious sponge, layered with complementing buttercreams, sauces, preserves and curds.

All cakes are baked to order with quality ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible.

In order to achieve clean lines and sharp edges all my cake are covered in a layer of delicious white chocolate ganache before they are iced in fondant.




Classic Vanilla

Moist vanilla sponge filled with either raspberry or strawberry preserve & vanilla buttercream


Zesty Lemon

Lemon sponge made with lemon juice and zest, filled with lemon curd & vanilla buttercream


Raspberry Ripple

Delicious raspberry coulis, rippled through vanilla sponge filled with white chocolate buttercream


Coconut & Raspberry

Coconut sponge, filled with raspberry preserve & coconut buttercream


Ultimate Chocolate Sponge

Moist chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream


Chocolate Orange Sponge

Chocolate orange sponge made with fresh orange juice and zest, filled with either chocolate orange buttercream or chocolate ganache


Toffee & Salted caramel

Moist toffee sponge, layered with salted caramel drizzle & salted caramel buttercream




Strawberry & Champagne

Classic vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry & champagne preserve & white chocolate buttercream


Raspberry & Prosecco

Classic vanilla sponge, filled with raspberry & Prosecco preserve & vanilla buttercream


Tropical Coconut

Light creamy coconut sponge filled with passion fruit curd & lime buttercream


Lemon & Raspberry

Lemon sponge filled with raspberry preserve & lemon buttercream


Chocolate Mud

Indulgent rich chocolate mud cake, layered with silky chocolate buttercream, or alternatively add salted caramel drizzle with salted caramel buttercream


Fruit Cake

Brandy-soaked fruits, including cherries, sultanas, currants, raisins & mixed peel, layered with marzipan




Cupcakes / Iced Biscuits / Meringue Kisses / Handmade Chocolates / Macarons




Classic Vanilla



White Chocolate & Raspberry



Please note that all of our cakes and cupcakes are baked in a kitchen that handles nuts,

dairy, wheat and gluten. At this time, I cannot offer nut, gluten or egg free cakes.

Tier Sizes           Wedding Portions     Party Portions

6”/8”                            72                            35

4”/6”/8”                       82                            41

6”/8”/10”                     148                           73

5”/7”/9”                        111                            56

5”/7”9”/11”                   202                         102


Please note that these portion sizes are as a guide only. Portions will vary depending on how the cake is cut.

Wedding Portions are classed as 1 "x 1" and Party portions are classed as 1" x 2"